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Furniture Tube


CTH has been supplying the local market with the building and construction industry with all types of structural steel for many years, including a wide range of furniture tube.

Catalogues of Furniture Tube

Technical Information & Specification

12mm x 1.0mm x 6m
12mm x 1.2mm x 6m
16mm x 1.0mm x 6m
16mm x 1.2mm x 6m
19mm x 1.0mm x 6m
19mm x 1.2mm x 6m
22mm x 1.0mm x 6m
22mm x 1.2mm x 6m
25mm x 1.0mm x 6m
25mm x 1.2mm x 6m
25mm x 1.5mm x 6m
32mm x 1.0mm x 6m
32mm x 1.2mm x 6m
32mm x 1.5mm x 6m
38mm x 1.0mm x 6m
38mm x 1.2mm x 6m
38mm x 1.5mm x 6m
50mm x 1.2mm x 6m
50mm x 1.5mm x 6m


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